A Guide To Travelling From Lagos To Abuja By Road

Lagos, the former capital of Nigeria, is the most populous city in Nigeria. It is also the entertainment and commercial base of the nation. Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, is a purpose-built city located in the heart of Nigeria. Abuja is famous for its wealth and affluence as well as being home to several political monuments.

Abuja is considered the fastest growing city in Africa. In recognition of its status as the new capital, most countries relocated their embassies to Abuja. Things in Abuja can be quite expensive; it is wise to have extra cash in your pocket when planning a trip to Abuja.

What to expect when travelling from Lagos to Abuja

Travelling from Lagos to Abuja by road can prove hectic. With some 700km between both cities, the trip can get tiring real quick after the initial excitement that precedes a road trip. A charged phone along with a power bank will be quite useful in warding off the numbness of boredom. Mind you, mobile games or movies might be the only fun things to do on your phone due to poor cell reception in certain areas while travelling. Since certain roads are riddled with potholes, it’s not a terrible idea to have painkillers at hand, just in case.

Public transport or private car 

 If you’re driving to Abuja in your own car, it is sensible to have a full tank of fuel, though going with a transport company is more cost-effective. For travellers going by public transport, there are different choices to pick from. There are transport companies that permit online booking and seat reservations. Others sell tickets at their terminals. Transport companies that ply the Lagos-Abuja route include ABC Transport,  GIGM Transport, GUO Transport, Chisco Group Transport company, Oya.com, Young Shall Grow Transport and Peace Mass Transport, to name a few. 

Rates, time of departure 

The rates charged by these companies vary due to the difference in the services provided by each company. The cost of a ticket from Lagos to Abuja ranges from 5,550 to 10,050 naira, depending on the transport company. The terminals of these companies are scattered around Lagos; you can find the one closest to you and book a trip with them. Most of the transport companies have a strict departure time they adhere to, so it is preferable to find out as much as you can prior to the departure date. The common departure time is 6 am. There is also the alternative of going to one of the local parks in Lagos, for example, Ojota Park. Getting to the park by dawn is advisable because of the duration of the trip.

A trip from Lagos to Abuja can last between 10 -12hrs, depending on various factors.

Factors that will determine the duration of the journey include the condition of the vehicle, the route taken and the condition of the road. The journey can get quite bumpy as a result of the potholes, DO NOT expect a smooth journey. 

The weather in Abuja and what to pack on your next trip to Abuja from Lagos:

The climate varies depending on the period of the year one is travelling. Wear and pack the appropriate clothing suitable for the weather conditions. If you’re driving yourself, get some good music on your stereo so the trip can be more bearable. It is in your best interest to get snacks and drinks before leaving Lagos because the next stop is probably Lokoja, which is some 6 to 7 hours away. 

Routes for drivers 

There are two different routes from Lagos to Abuja. The first route is the Ibadan-Ilesa-Akure-Owo-Akokoedo-Okene-Lokoja-Abuja. The other alternative is Lagos-Benin-Auchi-Lokoja-Abuja route. The road of the second route is better which makes the journey more comfortable. You might also want to adopt the help of Google Maps and compare which suits your needs. 

Stopovers (Lagos to Abuja)

For travellers travelling with public transport, the vehicles make just one stopover at Lokoja for 20-30mins. At this point, passengers can get food, drinks, snacks, stretch their legs or use the restroom. DO NOT leave personal belongings like phones, purses etc., in the vehicle when you alight for a stopover. While stretching your legs or getting food, be sure to keep an eye on the vehicle you came with. The journey continues from here nonstop to Abuja where the vehicles will stop at their various terminals. 

Whether for the sights, business or an event, whatever reason takes you to Abuja, it would be in your best interest to follow these guidelines.

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  1. My bro is travelling to abuja from Lagos by gigm and they took Benin auchi road yesterday morning but unfortunately for us, he haven’t arrived in lokoja his destination.

  2. Thank you for all the information which is quit apt and worthy of note but I beg to disagree on one crucial thing. The ONLY expensive item on Abuja travel list compared to Lagos is accommodation. Every other thing like transport within Abuja for example is way cheaper even cheaper than many bus fares within Lagos not yo talk of Taxi. Apart from that there’s food and local fruits in season in abundance which are also very affordable and fresher compared to Lagos. Regards.

  3. I want to travel to Lagos tomorrow bt the route from Abuja to Lokoja is full of water, please I want to know if there is another alternative. Thanks

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