Fun Things to do in Victoria Island Lagos

Victoria Island (popularly known as VI) is an upscale area located on the island in Lagos. VI is one of the most exclusive places to live in the city which makes it an attractive site for wealthy Nigerians and expatriates alike.

Victoria Island is a commercial hub, housing different conglomerates’ headquarters, as well as an entertainment hub with several fun spots for relaxation and recreation. VI offers limitless experiences for thrill-seekers. From continental cuisines to Hollywood blockbusters, adrenaline-pumping arcades to laid back lounges that cater for your every need, the fun just never ends in Victoria Island.

Shaunz Bar & Lounge

Are you ready to channel your inner Chris Brown or Rihanna in front of an audience? Shaunz Karaoke Bar & Lounge is the place to visit. Located in Murphis Plaza, the establishment offers computerized song request touchscreen and a database of over 25,000 songs to choose from. The food is tempting with a wide variety to pick from. There is also a pool table where snooker lovers can play for free! 

Hard Rock Café

You don’t have to be a fan of Rock music to fall in love with this delightful location. The Rock ‘N’ Roll themed interior sets a lovely mood regardless of the time one stops by. Hard Rock Café serves mouthwatering burgers, juicy chicken barbecues, club sandwiches and everything else American. The presence of a live band and a swimming pool area for kids takes the experience to a whole new height. The ambience thus created is celebratory and relaxed. The restaurant sits along the water corporation street, Oniru. 

Tarkwa Bay

If you love the beach or being around water, or you simply want to feel the sandy beach between your toes, then Tarkwa Bay is what you seek. The beach is popular amongst swimmers and water sports enthusiasts. This spot is accessible by boat or water taxis which makes the trip unforgettable. Tarkwa Bay is open to everyone, a party of friends, a family, or lovers looking for a fun getaway. Interesting activities to engage in include planned picnics, beach soccer, surfing and sightseeing. 

Horse riding 

Have you always imagined how it’d feel riding a galloping horse? For just five hundred naira, you can fulfill your fantasy at Oniru private beach. 

Scuba Scuba!

Good news! There’s a jet ski club in Victoria Island where you can go Scuba diving (exciting times!). Gear up in your diving suit to explore nature underwater and discover the mysteries of the sea world. 

Art Centres & Galleries 

Picasso said, ‘art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life’. For the curious sightseers and avid art fans alike, there are galleries and art centres with breathtaking paintings and lifelike statues that’ll seize your attention. Most of these galleries have curators who offer tours around the premises and shed light on various artworks on display. Notable art centres include Red Door Gallery, Muri Okunola Park, Didi Museum, Terra Culture. 

Movies, movies, movies!

Wanna catch the latest Hollywood blockbusters or the most recent Nollywood movies, then there are options to pick from. Filmhouse Landmark is certainly a good option for movies at quite affordable rates. Filmhouse Cinema Mx4d gives you the opportunity to see your favorite movies in a state of the art 4-D theatre – isn’t that cool?! 

Silverbird Galleria is another destination for top-notch movies for your viewing pleasure. Also, there are various outlets, apart from the cinema, to shop at. There is a noodles stand too and the meal tastes quite nice.

Lounges, Pubs & Bars 

Victoria Island’s ever-bustling nightlife promises entertainment on a grand scale with various nightclubs and lounges at your service. With good music, a jumping atmosphere and chilled drinks, the city never sleeps! These are the places to be if you find yourself in Victoria Island at night: Club Quilox, Cubana Pablo, DNA, Tribeca Club, Villa Maroc, SKILLS Gentleman’s Club. Who knows, you might even get lucky and stumble upon a celebrity. That’s how exclusive these places are!

Games, Arcades & Casinos

Think you can win a game of Texas hol’ em against Lagos’ very best? Step forward then. The Federal Palace Hotel and Casino offers the opportunity to put your money where your mouth is. The promise of a big payout on the felt fabric of the casino tables sure is tempting enough. 

Speak Chinese?

Oh you don’t need to speak the language but these restaurants sure understand your needs and serve the most savory Chinese recipes in their traditional forms. Why not experience another culture and dine at these fantastic places? Pearl Garden for Cantonese dishes, Seechian fishes & assorted seafood, Wan Tan Fusion for a larger variety of Asian meals (more suitable for a younger crowd). 

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