What you need to know about Ozone Cinemas Yaba

Movie-lovers know what it means to fully experience and enjoy a movie. People go to the cinemas for a host of reasons, ranging from the need to go out and have fun to wanting a distraction from the hectic Lagos life.

Watching a movie on a big screen, the luxury seating, great sound system and bragging rights about being the first to see the latest movies in your circle (kinda weird, I know) — all add to the thrill of visiting a cinema. The common factor for most movie-lovers, however, remains comfortability. People like to be in the most comfortable state possible when they want to watch their favourite movies.

They do not want to be disturbed by the pressing issues in their lives or an unwanted sound that would disrupt the flow of that particular movie experience and that’s why Ozone Cinemas Yaba is one of the most popular and most visited cinemas in the country.

Founded on Thursday 13th November 2008, and developed by Domino Stores Limited, Ozone Cinemas launched as the first multiplex cinema to be built on the mainland of Lagos. It is located at the imposing Domino Mall, otherwise known as the E-CENTRE on Commercial Avenue, Yaba.  

The premiere cinema was designed to international standards with its state-of-the-art projection equipment and Dolby Surround sound system and a highly innovative young team whose focus is completely on seeing customers fully satisfied. Ozone Cinemas Yaba possesses perfect acoustics across each auditorium to ensure that movie-lovers completely enjoy every second of their movie viewing experience. 

Their partnership with major studio distributors in Hollywood, Nollywood and other top movie industries across the world to show the latest movies is an indication that they go the extra mile to ensure that every experience delivered at Ozone Cinemas is an unparalleled one.

With its 6 screens and 931 seats that are well spaced for viewers to stretch their legs while watching a movie, Ozone Cinemas has set a standard for comfortable movie viewing.

At Ozone cinemas, besides the regular popcorn that is usually sold to go along with watching the movies, food items like hotdogs, energy drinks, soft drinks, cakes, doughnuts, shawarma, ice cream, scotch egg, meat pie, chicken pie, and chin-chin are also sold.

Showtimes at Ozone Cinemas Sabo Yaba Lagos

There is also the option for customers to book special surprise parties, group movie viewing and advert space on flyers and movie screens before the movie starts.

Where is Ozone Cinemas located at?

Ozone cinemas is located in the centre of Lagos city, Yaba. Yaba, known for the high commercial value to the state of Lagos and it’s a no brainer that an easily accessible cinema is located there.

Ozone Cinemas is located at E-Centre, 1-11 Commercial Ave, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos.

When does Ozone Cinemas open?

The opening hours are 10:00 am till midnight both on weekdays and weekends, making it available for people in all walks of life to watch their favourite movies at their free time.

How much does it cost to see a movie at Ozone Cinemas?

Ozone Cinemas prices are tailored to be very affordable for the most common Lagosian, so that no one is left out of the fun experience they offer. Every ticket bought comes with popcorn and a free drink.

The Regular ticket costs N1500 for adults, N800 for children and N1000 for active students. There is a Monday and Wednesday special, on these days, there is an offer where movies cost N1000 and are also accompanied by popcorn and a free drink. You should note that public holidays that fall on these days do not count.

There is also a Tuesday and Thursday special that offers movie lovers the opportunity to watch their favourite movies at a rate of N1000 for adults and N500 for children and students who are actively enrolled in a learning institution as long as they can prove it with the help of their school-issued ID card.

Ozone also has a special Friday promo package where you get to pay N1000 as an adult or 500 naira as a child or student if you visit the cinema before 6:00 pm. There’s also a midnight package on Fridays which allows teeming movie enthusiasts to watch 2 out of three late-night movies for the price of N3000.

Ozone Cinemas makes for a perfect relaxation centre especially for movie lovers who are not looking to spend much, be comfortable and enjoy their latest favourite movies.

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